Kivi Did | About
The website and portfolio of Sam Thompson, an industrial designer living in Kansas City who specializes in digital fabrication, CNC routing, 3D printing and rapid prototyping.
industrial designer, portfolio, kansas city, digital fabrication
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Sam Thompson = Kivi Did

He’s an industrial designer. His middle name is Kivimaki. These are some things he did.

Sam Thompson grew up in the Pacific Northwest doing what most future industrial designers do: taking things apart. That day the VCR broke was a great day. He studied the relationship between design, craft, and digital tools in the Industrial and Interaction Design program at Syracuse University. He graduated in 2011.


He now lives in Kansas City, having worked for Hallmark Cards and Hufft Projects. He’s had the pleasure of working on a dizzying array of projects, with experience designing toys, cards, electronics, retail fixtures, custom furniture, and complex architectural features.